A wrongful death claim is more than just legal action. The abrupt loss of a loved one impacts the whole family in innumerable ways. No amount of money from a wrongful death claim can ever restore the loss or heal the pain that grieving family members experience each day. A California wrongful death claim requires a lawyer who provides more than legal counsel. They must be a fierce advocate for their clients while understanding what it means to lose a family member.

Hiring an experienced California wrongful death lawyer to represent your case is a wise investment and offers your family peace of mind. Finding a wrongful death lawyer who’s the right fit can be timely, but do not underestimate the value. Take the time to speak to a potential attorney and determine if they’re the right one to represent your family and handle your case.

6 Questions to Ask a California Wrongful Death Attorney

When meeting your potential lawyer, there are fundamental questions you must ask and discuss to help determine whether they’re qualified. During a consultation, have the following questions prepared so you can focus on their replies and whether it feels like a good fit:

1)   How many wrongful death claims have you represented?

It’s important to ask a potential attorney how many wrongful death cases they’ve handled along with what the outcomes were. You want to find out whether they’re willing to fight for your case in a courtroom trial. Learn how many trials they’ve taken through to verdict, as well as the percentage settled out of court. You want an attorney who will advocate for your wrongful death case through to the very end—no matter whether through settlement or trial.

2)   Who will be handling my case on a daily basis?

Every law firm manages its cases differently. Sometimes, one lawyer may be assigned a case who will be solely responsible for that case from beginning to end. Other times, law firms have teams of attorneys who work together on cases.

Find out who will be present at depositions and court for motions throughout your case. It’s critical to understand whether one attorney or a group will handle your wrongful death case, so you know who to call when you have questions about your case and stay informed.

3)   What is your caseload like?

During a consultation, ask how many cases your potential lawyer handles at once. Your wrongful death lawsuit case requires an attorney who will give it the necessary attention and time to be successful. Also, asking whether they have dependable support staff to assist when necessary is useful to know. There’s no guarantee on how long your case will be and whether it settles or goes to trial. Make sure you can trust that your lawyer has the time and resources required to handle your case, whether it goes to trial.

4)   How will we communicate about my case?

Wrongful death claims are incredibly complex. You will undoubtedly have questions throughout your case. You want to feel confident knowing you can easily reach out and get answers to pressing concerns as they come up.

When consulting with a potential attorney to hire, ask whether they take calls after business hours, on nights, or on weekends. Will they provide their cell phone number so you can reach them after regular office hours? You need a lawyer who will answer all of your questions and explain everything so you understand where your case stands.

5)   Do you work on a contingency basis?

Before making decisions or signing any contracts, you want to determine how much it will cost you for a wrongful death lawyer’s service. Many wrongful death and personal injury lawyers do not require payment upfront or throughout the case. Instead, they’ll work on a contingency basis so they will be paid through part of the final settlement or judgment reward.

6)   Do you have former client reviews I could see?

Reputation is everything—especially in the legal area. Reading past client reviews provides insight into their quality of representation. Many lawyers attain clients through word of mouth because of their outstanding work in someone else’s case. Reading client testimonials and online reviews of an attorney or firm can assure you that they will be qualified to handle your wrongful death case.

Turn to an Experienced California Wrongful Death Lawyer

Get the help you need and speak with a compassionate and knowledgeable California wrongful death attorney at the Law Offices of JG Winter. Led by Attorney Jeremy Winter, he understands firsthand the severe pain of a family member’s loss personally. He fights forcefully to get the answers and justice his clients deserve.

With over thirty years of proven experience and a commitment to stand by our clients every step of the way—there’s no better choice than the Law Offices of JG Winter to handle your California wrongful death claim. Schedule a free consultation and speak with Jeremy personally about your case by completing a contact form or call 844-734-2626.

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