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Many Californians rely on public transportation. Sacramento residents are no exception. Buses are a vital form of transportation for many residents who rely heavily on public transportation for work or leisurely activities. Unfortunately, as with any vehicle on the road, riding on a bus does not come without its risks.






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Accidents involving buses can become complicated quickly. For example, there are potentially multiple levels of liability to examine. Also, complex rules and regulations govern bus accidents. In these cases, diligent research and a comprehensive understanding of the many rules and regulations are necessary to pursue a successful bus accident claim.

If you have been injured in a bus accident, the best course of action is to hire a Sacramento bus accident lawyer to help you with your bus accident claim. The Law Offices of JG Winter have years of experience handling various personal injury claims for California residents. Attorney JG Winter can help you through the extensive and complex legal process of filing a bus accident claim. 

Who Can Be Liable in a Sacramento Bus Accident?

In any accident, you must prove who was at fault to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. Proving fault in a bus accident can become complicated. While the issue of fault can be straightforward if the bus driver was driving under the influence or driving recklessly, some factors complicate who is liable for the accident. If a mechanical failure or a dangerous road hazard caused the accident, the at-fault party might be a person or entity other than the bus driver or bus company. Whether the bus is publicly or privately owned also complicates the liability issue. Under California law, you may seek compensation after a bus accident from the following parties:

  • The bus driver
  • A third-party driver of the vehicle that caused the bus accident
  • The bus company
  • The insurance company that covers the bus
  • The bus manufacturer
  • Maintenance company
  • County, city, or state government where the accident occurred

The complex nature of establishing fault in a bus accident is one of many reasons why it is vital to hire a qualified Sacramento bus accident attorney. At the Law Offices of JG Winter, we understand the complicated laws that govern bus accident claims. We are determined to pursue the compensation our clients deserve, no matter how challenging the case may be.  

Unique Challenges That Arise in a Bus Accident Injury Claim

Most accidents involve negotiating a personal injury settlement with an insurance carrier or, if necessary, filing a personal injury lawsuit in court. In these cases, the procedure is straightforward, even if the claim itself is more complex. 

If you sustained an injury or injuries as a passenger during a bus accident caused by another vehicle, you will need to make a third-party claim to seek fair compensation. Filing a third-party claim may be straightforward; however, if there is no third party at fault, establishing fault can become more challenging.

If the bus driver is at fault, the applicable law is complicated. Many buses are owned or operated by government entities, such as school districts and public transportation bureaus. Filing an injury claim with a government body is more intricate. Under the California Tort Claims Act, before filing an injury lawsuit against the state, the injured individual must file a written notice of the claim to the agency allegedly responsible for the accident within six months. The government has the option to accept or reject the claim. Should the government reject all or part of the claim, the injured individual may file a lawsuit.  

If the accident occurred because the bus had a manufacturer defect, then the bus manufacturer may be held liable. The manufacturer or mechanic who installed the defective component or failed to maintain the bus properly is potentially responsible for the crash. If this is the case, the lawsuit is a product liability lawsuit rather than a personal injury lawsuit.

How a Sacramento Bus Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Bus accident claims require an understanding of the complex laws in order to establish fault. A skilled and experienced Sacramento bus accident lawyer can help navigate the tricky legal process. For suffering an injury during a bus accident, you may recover the following:

  • Medical expenses: This includes all required medical treatment following the accident. This includes, but is not limited to, emergency room care, hospital treatment, and any costs related to long-term medical care (i.e., physical therapy).
  • Loss of income: If your injuries prohibit you from working for an extended time or prevent you from returning to work, you deserve to recover your loss of income.
  • Property damage: If your vehicle or other personal property sustained damage during the accident, you should be compensated for such damage.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of JG Winter are well-versed in complicated bus accident claims. We know how to approach challenging claims against government-operated transportation entities, insurance companies, and malefactors. We want to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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A bus accident can cause severe injuries, such as broken bones, spinal cord damage, or even traumatic brain injuries. There are a host of other possible injuries that may require long-term recovery or permanent disability. If you or a loved one were involved in a bus accident, you might be entitled to compensation. The right attorney can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your claim.

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The Law Offices of JG Winter have experience navigating complex bus accident claims. We know how to pursue legal action against any company, individual, or entity responsible for your injuries. We know how to determine fault and fight for the compensation you deserve. By partnering with the Law Offices of JG Winter, you benefit from working with a team that is passionate about representing clients and achieving the best possible outcomes. To schedule your free consultation, you can reach us through our online contact form or by calling (844) 734-2626.

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