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Sacramento paralysis attorney focuses on assisting those who are paralyzed due to accidents, medical malpractice, or negligence. Spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and other traumatic events can cause paralysis.


Paralysis lawyers dealing with such cases will help you get justice and receive fair compensation for your injuries. Finding a paralysis attorney with experience and a proven record is a must.


We at J.G. Winter Law are proficient in personal injury law and are aware of the difficulties that paralysis lawsuits bring. Finding a paralysis attorney with experience and a proven record is a must. 





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Paralysis refers to the loss of motor function throughout all or part of the body below the site of an SCI. Many kinds of accidents and spinal cord injuries can result in paralysis. Having a dependable lawyer who understands your injuries, your suffering, and the extent to which your paralysis condition changes your life will help you win the compensation you deserve.

JG Winter Law Firm Helps the Injured in Sacramento

Jeremy G. Winter is an experienced personal injury attorney in California. Our legal team at JG Winter law firm understands the extent of your injuries and how life-altering paralysis is. You deserve a legal team you can depend on and an attorney that cares. That’s why our legal team dedicates the time to helping those who have suffered severe accidents that resulted in paralysis and other injuries due to another’s fault and negligence.

SCIs have lengthy and costly recoveries, leaving many with hospital bills and a long road of therapy after an extended hospital stay. If this sounds like your situation and you’ve suffered injuries and damages following an accident, don’t wait to reach out to our legal team. We understand severe accidents and the necessary proof to find and add to your case against those liable and at-fault for your condition.

Types of Paralysis

Paralysis refers to the temporary or permanent loss of movement in a specific part of the body. It can result from various causes, such as damage to the nervous system, spinal cord injuries, or certain medical conditions, leading to the inability to control or use the affected body part. The types of paralysis are:

  • Monoplegia: When one limb or area of the body experiences loss or impairment of voluntary movement and muscular control.
  • Paraplegia: No sensation or movement in the lower body, frequently affecting both legs, is identified as paraplegia.
  • Tetraplegia: It results from spinal cord damage and causes paralysis in all four limbs, including the arms and legs. It can lead to profound loss of sensation and motor control, and affect various bodily functions, depending on the severity of the injury.
  • Hemiplegia: Paralysis or loss of sensation on one side of the body is hemiplegia. The same side’s arm, leg, and other comparable muscles and body parts, are often affected.
  • Diplegia: When there is loss of voluntary movement, either bilateral or symmetrical, and primarily affects identical body parts on both sides of the body is called diplegia paralysis.

types of paralysis

Common Causes of Paralysis

When there is a problem or damage in the functioning of the nervous system, it causes paralysis. However, strokes and spinal cord injuries are the common causes of paralysis.

  • Catastrophic events like car accidents and violent activities can harm the spinal cord and cause paralysis. The extent and severity of spinal cord damage determines the level and nature of paralysis.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries, such as those brought on by accidents or falls, can harm the brain and induce paralysis.
  • Infections like Meningitis and Encephalitis can inflame and harm the brain or spinal cord, sometimes resulting in paralysis.

How Do I Know If I Have a Case for Paralysis?

Consulting with an expert paralysis injury lawyer is necessary to know whether you have a case for paralysis.

It’s crucial to establish the cause of paralysis and whether another party’s negligence or fault brought it on. You must prove the at-fault party owed you a duty of care.  A personal injury lawyer who deals with paralysis cases can help you evaluate the particulars of your case and determine if you have strong legal claims.

What are the Symptoms of Paralysis?

A steady loss of sensation and muscle control in arms and legs, inability to move or talk and reduced motor functions are the most common symptoms of paralysis. The symptoms also include:

  • Paresis: It is partial paralysis, where victims can move their muscles, but those movements are weaker than normal.
  • Flaccid: When muscles are unable to move and become floppy.
  • Plegia: It is a complete paralysis. Which is caused by nerve damage.
  • Spastic paralysis: Increased tendon reflexes and tonic spasms affect muscles, make them rigid, and remain in constant contraction.

Compensation For Your Paralysis Case Claim in Sacramento

When people living with paralysis prove the negligence or detrimental action, they may seek compensation for all damages incurred, including:

Economic Damage

There are actual losses incurred due to the catastrophic injury, which can be easily proved with supporting bills or receipts. It includes Medical expenses, lost wages, loss of future earnings etc.

Non-Economic Damage

Surviving an accident that results in severe injuries like paralysis is particularly distressing. One can suffer from non-emotional damage like pain and suffering, emotional distress, etc.

Punitive Damage

If the at-fault party’s intentions caused paralysis, they are entitled to punishment as per the laws and rules of the jurisdiction.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Paralysis Injury Lawsuit?

Anyone suffering paralysis due to spinal cord injuries or brain injuries will need a lawyer for a lawsuit to evaluate and address all of the crucial issues that come up in catastrophic paralysis injury litigation.

The only people who can convince the court that you deserve the greatest compensation are attorneys experienced in the nature and extent of your injury.

Paralysis attorneys will also engage the right medical specialists to testify about your injury, how it happened, and how it has affected your life. Also, to ensure that you receive a proper settlement and monetary award or to cover the long-term financial burden, you need a lawyer for a paralysis injury lawsuit.

Local Courthouse – Paralysis Lawyer Near Sacramento, CA

If your loved one has been involved in paralysis in Sacramento, California, we know you are going through a tough time. Hiring the right paralysis lawyer can make a significant difference when dealing with such a difficult time. You will spend hours and hours at your local Sacramento Courthouse trying to figure out what to do on your own. If you don’t hire a lawyer, you might waste countless hours and likely receive less settlement than you could have gotten with professional help. That’s why hiring the right lawyer can help to resolve your case and settle it faster. Most importantly, you’re more likely to receive a larger settlement.

At J.G. Winter Law, we’re here to help, and it won’t cost you anything to consult with us. If you have any questions or want to know how much you might be owed, contact us for a free consultation. In California, you have up to 2 years to file a claim and sue for compensation. If you decide to go to the court by yourself, you can find Sacramento County Courthouse at 720 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. But, if you want professional help, our paralysis lawyer in Sacramento would gladly assist you.

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Why Hire J.G. Winter Law For Your Paralysis Injury Claim In Sacramento, CA?


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Accidents are challenging and complex situations. These types of events include legal complexity that is beyond the awareness of the common person and significantly impacts the claim value.

At JG Winter, we represent individuals who have experienced catastrophic injuries. If damage to your brain, spinal cord, or another part of your body has caused paralysis, we provide you with the legal advice and support you need. Our attorneys have years of expertise in the courtroom. We are committed to assisting accident victims by pursuing fair and equitable compensation for the life-changing harm they have endured.

We can’t remove the suffering, but we’ll advocate for you and ensure justice is served. Schedule a free consultation for the legal assistance you require. Give our Sacramento office a call at (844) 734-2626 or reach out using our contact form to schedule a free consultation with attorney JG Winter.

Sacramento Paralysis Injury FAQs

What is the Statute of Limitations for a Paralysis Injury in California?

The statute of limitations for any personal injury, including paralysis injury, is 2 years. If the injury is discovered later, it is 1 year from the date of the to-know injury.

How long does a paralysis lawsuit typically take?

From Investigation, filing, gathering evidence, and conducting negotiations to appear at trial, paralysis lawsuits may take a few months to certain years to resolve in court.

Can I settle my paralysis case outside of court?

Yes, paralysis cases can be resolved without going to trial. The time, cost, and uncertainty involved in a trial can be avoided by negotiating a settlement outside the courtroom. Contact your attorney for other options.

What if the insurance company denies my paralysis claim?

  • If the insurance company denies your paralysis claim, you can petition their decision by following the procedures listed below:
    Appeal the decision
    Request an independent medical review
    File a complaint

How much does it cost to hire a paralysis attorney in Sacramento?

The cost of hiring a paralysis attorney in Sacramento can vary depending on several factors, including the reputation, experience, and competency of a personal injury lawyer and the fee structure of the law firm. JG Winter provides service to the client on a contingency basis.

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