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When our injury attorneys represent clients who have suffered a catastrophic injury, we assess the overall effect on their lives. We do not evaluate simply how a person feels immediately after a car accident or slip-and-fall. Instead, we look at the full scope of not only physical injuries and limitations but also home life, work, and an individual’s ability to enjoy life.

Folsom Slip-and-Fall LawyerWhen you slip and fall on another person’s property, it can be unclear who is responsible for the accident and your injuries. The uncertainty surrounding the situation presents a problem since medical bills and the potential loss of income tied to your recovery can put you in a challenging financial situation. 

At The Law Offices of J.G. Winter, we know you have several questions regarding your slip-and-fall accident, and our Folsom personal injury attorneys are here to answer them and walk you through the legal process. Led by Attorney Jeremy Winter, we can help you obtain the necessary compensation to cover medical costs and other accident-related expenses. 

What Are Slip-and-Fall Accidents? 

“Slip and fall” is a broad term in personal injury cases. It refers to accidents where victims slip or trip on another person’s property and injure themselves due to the owner’s carelessness to maintain safe premises. Many conditions may lead to these types of accidents, including: 

  • Slipping on wet floors
  • Tripping on torn carpet 
  • Falling down steps after the railing gives out 
  • Falling in poorly lit or unlit locations 
  • Tripping on uneven sidewalks 

When there are hazards on another person’s property, they must take all reasonable steps to ensure no one sustains injuries. They can address the issue immediately or notify guests of the hazard while waiting to repair it. If they do not take such steps, the property owner may be liable for your injuries and all associated costs. 

Common Types of Injuries Associated with Slip-and-Fall Accidents 

Falls account for over eight million emergency room visits each year. After being in a slip and fall, many people sustain mild to severe injuries. No matter how minimal the consequences may seem, they can still impact your daily life. Understanding common slip-and-fall injuries may help you better communicate with your doctor and injury attorney, allowing you to build a better treatment program. Your attorney can also use this information to build a stronger case while you recover. 

Broken Bones 

Broken bones occur when there is more pressure on the bone than it can withstand. A fall can cause unnecessary force on multiple bones in your body, such as hip, wrist, or ankle bones. Additionally, people tend to put their arms out in front of them as they fall, which can break or fracture your wrist. The older you are, the more likely you will sustain a broken bone or fracture from a slip and fall. 

Knee Damage 

The impact from falling on your knees can result in knee damage. Bones and ligaments make up the knee, and it can take months to heal fully from a knee injury. In addition to ligament tears, you may dislocate your patella. Regardless of the knee damage, you may require reconstruction surgery immediately or in the future. 

Traumatic Brain Injury 

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) may occur when your head hits the ground or an object during a fall. You do not need to hit your head to suffer from a TBI; they can result from other movements like whiplash. These are among the most severe injuries you can sustain, and you might have trouble realizing you have a head injury. This is why it is essential to seek medical attention after a blow or jolt to the head. 

Shoulder Dislocation and Muscle Strains 

You might hit or jolt your shoulder as you fall. Even though it may not seem like a severe injury, a dislocated shoulder or strained muscle can interfere with your life. It may be painful to put on a shirt and do other everyday activities. 

How to Prove Slip-and-Fall Accident Claims in Folsom 

A successful slip-and-fall case relies on your Folsom injury attorney’s ability to prove the following three things according to a preponderance of the evidence: 

  • The property owner had a duty of care to guests or customers; 
  • The defendant was negligent and breached that duty of care; and
  • The breach caused your injuries. 

All cases are different, but an attorney may be able to prove negligence through: 

  • Security footage 
  • Witness testimonies 
  • Testimony from expert witnesses
  • Photos of the hazardous condition that caused your fall 
  • Maintenance records 
  • Police reports 
  • History of slip and falls on the property 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to these cases, so you must find a Folsom slip-and-fall accident attorney who will give you personalized attention every step of the way. Attorney Winter will launch a thorough investigation of your accident and work with you to identify all liable parties. 

How Can I Strengthen My Slip-and-Fall Case? 

There are several essential steps you should take in the hours and days following a slip and fall. Write down the sequence of events that lead to your accident, including where your fall occurred, whether the ground was wet, lighting conditions, and other relevant information. You should also take time-stamped photos of the accident scene before the property owners have a chance to fix the hazard. 

You should always report the accident to the property owner and ask for a copy of the incident report. Additionally, write down the names and contact information of any witnesses who saw the slip and fall. Your attorney may need to ask them questions regarding the incident later. 

Finally, always seek medical attention. Even if you feel fine or show no injuries, schedule a doctor’s appointment. Physicians can diagnose any internal damage that you may not have noticed. By not going to the doctor, an insurance company will likely argue that your injuries were not as severe as you claimed. Additionally, insurers may argue that your injuries resulted from a different accident if you wait until symptoms appear to see a doctor. 

What Compensation Is Recoverable after a Slip and Fall? 

Costs can quickly add up following a slip-and-fall accident in Folsom. Medical bills can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you might even be out of work because of your injuries. After reviewing your case, a Folsom slip-and-fall accident attorney may be able to recover the following losses: 

  • Medical bills 
  • Lost wages
  • Physical therapy 
  • In-home rehabilitation 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Mental anguish 

In some rare cases, a judge may award punitive damages. Courts use these to punish the defendant further for egregious behavior and to deter similar behavior from others in the future. 

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If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury in an accident in California, it is vital that you contact an attorney who has experience handling these intricate cases. At the Law Offices of JG Winter, we will deal with the insurance companies for you and answer all your questions so that you can concentrate on your recovery. With resources that include industry experts, investigators, and medical professionals, we will fight for full and fair compensation for all damages you sustained, including:

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  • Long-term care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of earning power
  • Pain and suffering

We stand behind the principle that financial cost should not hinder your ability to attain experienced legal advocacy. It is our promise that you will not pay anything unless we win your case for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Catastrophic Injuries


Are catastrophic injuries different from other types of injury claims?

A catastrophic injury is a severe, life-altering injury that usually involves long-term consequences. Unlike personal injuries, catastrophic injuries are more likely to affect victims for the rest of their lives. Accident victims typically require surgery and invasive medical treatments to help in their recovery. As a result, catastrophic injury claims entail significant medical care and treatment that must include both current and future losses that victims sustain.

Who is liable for the damages in a catastrophic injury case?

Proving liability in a catastrophic injury case means showing that another person’s negligence resulted in your injuries. Depending on the case, several parties may be liable. For instance, if you were in a car accident with a commercial truck, the trucker, the trucking company, cargo loaders, or the truck manufacturer may be liable. Similarly, if you were in a biking accident, another cyclist, pedestrian, or a vehicle driver could be responsible.

Should I work with an attorney after being involved in a catastrophic injury accident?

Since there could be many different parties responsible for your catastrophic injury accident, you should immediately seek legal representation. Following a catastrophic accident, you may need multiple surgeries or long-term rehabilitation. When you hire an attorney, they can handle all the paperwork and communicate with insurance companies while you focus on your recovery. They can also prepare your case and represent you in court.

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