Suffering from a traumatic brain injury may seem like something that is rare and only occurs in severe accidents. Unfortunately, this serious injury is more common than you may think. Annually, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) account for approximately 2.8 million emergencies in America, according to the CDC. 

Jeremy Winter is an experienced injury attorney with extensive experience working with traumatic brain injury cases. In most cases, healing from a TBI can take anywhere from months to years. After experiencing a traumatic brain injury, there are cognitive exercises you can do at home to help speed up the recovery process as you work to set your life back on track. 

The Best Cognitive Exercises to Help a TBI

Recovery from a traumatic brain injury can be challenging. The months it may take you to recover completely can leave you feeling lost and hopeless. To help yourself in the recovery process, the following at-home cognitive exercises can help you on your road to recovery:

Try a New Experience

It may surprise you to know that doing or experiencing something new triggers your brain to make new neurons. Experiencing something new can also inspire you to keep going throughout the tedious recovery process. Some examples of new experiences to try as you recover are:

  • Try a new food
  • Take a new path on a walk
  • Try a new genre of music
  • Play a new game

Pay Attention to What You Eat

As you try new foods, try to focus on what you are tasting while you eat. See how many specific ingredients you can taste while eating or drinking. Challenge yourself to try and pick out three specific ingredients at each meal. 

Seek Sensory Experiences

You can engage your brain by activating multiple senses at once. When doing an activity, try to activate multiple senses at a time, like taste and smell or sight and touch. For example, if you are on a walk, feel the breeze of the wind while you smell the flowers outside. 

Try Switching Hands

Switching hands while doing tasks from your dominant to your non-dominant hand can help spur activity on the other side of your brain. This exercise is also great for strengthening your neurons. 

Practice Memorization

Memorization issues may be one of the biggest concerns following a TBI. Practicing memorization in levels will help your recovery. Start with simple memorization, then as you get better, make the memorization game more challenging.

Förresten, bingospel online kan vara ett kreativt och engagerande sätt att öva på minnesförmåga.

Draw a Map

Going hand-in-hand with memoization, drawing a map from memory is another great exercise to help strengthen your brain following a TBI. Try drawing a map from your home to a location you have traveled to frequently. As your memory strengthens, try adding as much detail as you can to the map. 

Read Out Loud

Crack open a good book and try reading out loud to yourself or anyone who will listen. This exercise is a great way to challenge your brain. To start, it may be easiest to first listen to a book on tape. 

Sacramento Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney is Here to Help You

Being the victim of an accident that leaves you with a traumatic brain injury can turn your entire life upside down. With a long road to recovery ahead, the situation can leave you feeling anxious that things may never get back to normal. However, at-home cognitive exercises can be extremely helpful in speeding up your recovery process. As you recover physically, you are likely seeking to recover damages you may be owed, including medical costs and lost wages. 

Jeremy G. Winter is an experienced traumatic brain injury attorney that may be able to help build your claim in pursuit of re-claiming compensation you may be owed. After losing his mother at the age of 18 to an accident, Jeremy G. Winter has made it his life’s work to be of service to victims of traumatic accidents. To receive a free consultation from a dedicated injury attorney, contact us here or call (844) 734-2626.