Sacramento, CA (April 22, 2024) – On Monday morning, two vehicles were engulfed in flames on a bridge in the Sacramento area due to a chain-reaction collision.

The accident was initially reported shortly after 7:30 a.m. on the West Sacramento Bryte Bend Bridge. According to California Highway Patrol, four vehicles were involved in the collision. Officers believe a chain-reaction rear-end collision occurred when a semi-truck collided with another driver. Fire departments arrived promptly at the location and extinguished the blaze as EMTs assessed the victims. The total number of injured victims remains unknown, however, as officers continue to investigate the crash.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families at this time.

Truck Accidents in Sacramento

Serious truck accident injuries, such as serious brain damage and spinal cord injuries, may be lifelong. Unfortunately, it might be difficult to ascertain your compensation and get a settlement in the aftermath, even if you are entitled to past and future damages for your injuries.

Due to the involvement of trucking firms, who possess the most important piece of evidence—the truck—these accidents can get complicated. Additionally, these businesses possess a lot more resources than an average driver. A Sacramento truck accident lawyer can provide impartial counsel in your case by placing you on a level playing field with the biggest trucking corporations.

A skilled Sacramento truck accident attorney is necessary to guarantee a favorable result in these particularly complicated truck-related cases. Commercial vehicle accidents often result in deaths and severely injured people, and thus, litigation involving these kinds of incidents can become quite complex. Moreover, a truck driver is legally “on the job” while operating a vehicle, and as such, a number of additional considerations are involved that are not present in a normal auto accident case.

Thankfully, Attorney Jeremy Winter is aware of the nuances surrounding truck accident cases. He will help ensure you get the compensation you deserve after being injured in such a crash. He will handle the day-to-day task management of your accident claim, such as reviewing the evidence, speaking with witnesses, and settling disputes with insurance companies. Contact the Law Offices of J.G. Winter and speak to our Sacramento car accident attorneys at 844-705-0431 to arrange a free consultation.

Note: The information in this publication is sourced from secondary materials such as news reports, blogs, police records, and eyewitness accounts. J.G. Winter Law has not independently confirmed these details. If you find inaccuracies or wish for the story to be removed, please contact us. We will quickly respond by correcting or removing the content as needed

Disclaimer: The image featured in this post does not depict the incident mentioned. The purpose of this post is not to attract business, and it should not be interpreted as offering medical or legal counsel. In the event of an accident resulting in injury to yourself or a loved one, it’s crucial to obtain medical care without delay, followed by a consultation with an attorney to understand your legal options.

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