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Sacramento is a beautiful, walkable city. There’s always someone who needs to walk from one place to the other, ensuring endless pedestrian traffic on sidewalks and crosswalks. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were a total of 140,000 pedestrian injuries in 2019. There were a total of 7,338 pedestrian fatalities in the same year. Even the safest pedestrian is at risk of being in an accident. 





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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Sacramento

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Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for pedestrians to suffer severe injuries. If you’ve been in an accident as a pedestrian, you may be entitled to compensation. Filing a pedestrian accident claim might feel like a lot to take on, especially if you’ve sustained a significant injury. At The Law Offices of JG Winter, we understand the process of filing a personal injury claim and can help you pursue the legal compensation owed to you while you focus on your recovery. 

Pedestrian Duties in Sacramento 

There can be a sense of safety pedestrians experience, especially if they believe they always have the right-of-way. Contrary to popular belief, pedestrians don’t always have the right-of-way. Like motorists on the road, pedestrians have a set of rules to follow to keep them safe.

Pedestrians legally are not allowed to jaywalk, meaning they can only cross a roadway using a marked or unmarked crosswalk. For your safety as a pedestrian, you are not allowed to cross the road if there is no crosswalk. Like motorists on the road, pedestrians must adhere to traffic signs and markers.

Duty of Care Owed to Pedestrians

When pedestrians fail to meet their obligations, resulting in an accident that causes injuries, they may be held liable for breaching their duty of care. That being said, drivers must take every precaution to avoid hitting a pedestrian and have a much higher standard duty of care. 

A driver may have a more substantial duty of care than a pedestrian, but a pedestrian’s negligence may have contributed to the accident. If pedestrians jaywalk, they may be considered negligent because they did not adhere to Sacramento pedestrian laws. 

Who is Liable in a Pedestrian Accident?

The vehicle driver owes a more significant duty of care to pedestrians. However, pedestrians must still follow the law and only cross when they legally can. California’s comparative negligence law states that both parties may be at fault for the accident. An injured pedestrian who is partly at fault may still receive compensation. The judge overseeing the case will reduce the injured pedestrian’s claim award by the appropriate percentage to account for their fault in the accident. 

How a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Can Help

Pedestrians involved in a serious accident are more likely to sustain severe, debilitating, lifelong injuries. Their injuries may require extensive medical care, months of rehabilitation, and even at-home nursing care. The compensation pedestrians may recover includes economic and non-economic damages meant to help the victim regain their life after the accident. An accident between a driver and pedestrian can be complex, particularly when it comes to determining liability. A Sacramento pedestrian accident lawyer will provide you with the necessary legal guidance to ensure your claim is solid and you receive all the compensation you deserve. 

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If you or your loved one have been involved in a pedestrian accident in Sacramento, California, we know you are going through a tough time. Hiring the right pedestrian accident lawyer can make a significant difference when dealing with such a difficult time. You will spend hours and hours at your local Sacramento Courthouse trying to figure out what to do on your own. If you don’t hire a lawyer, you might waste countless hours and likely receive less settlement than you could have gotten with professional help. That’s why hiring the right lawyer can help to resolve your case and settle it faster. Most importantly, you’re more likely to receive a larger settlement.

At J.G. Winter Law, we’re here to help, and it won’t cost you anything to consult with us. If you have any questions or want to know how much you might be owed, contact us for a free consultation. In California, you have up to 2 years to file a claim and sue for compensation. If you decide to go to the court by yourself, you can find Sacramento County Courthouse at 720 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. But, if you want professional help, our pedestrian accident lawyer in Sacramento would gladly assist you.

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Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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The Law Offices of JG Winter are determined to help their clients receive the fair settlement they deserve. Negotiating with insurance companies and filing a lawsuit is a challenging process. Our attorneys understand the legal process of determining who is at fault and will help you gather the necessary evidence to ensure a successful settlement.

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Attorney J.G. Winter, the founder of the Law Offices of J.G. Winter, is a seasoned attorney representing California residents injured in an accident. He understands insurance company tactics that may prevent you from obtaining fair compensation for your injuries. With the legal help provided by the Law Office of J.G. Winter, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. By partnering with Attorney J.G. Winter, you benefit from a law firm that constantly manages claims and advocates for cases concerning accident injures. 

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FAQs about Pedestrian Accidents

What Is the Statute Of Limitations For A Pedestrian Accident In California?

California’s statute of limitations for a pedestrian accident claim is generally two years from the accident date. This means you have a two-year window to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries and damages. However, it’s important to note that certain exceptions and circumstances can affect the statute of limitations.

How Can A Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Help Me?

A Sacramento pedestrian accident lawyer can assist you in several ways. We can investigate the accident, gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, determine liability, calculate damages, file a lawsuit if necessary, and advocate for your rights in court.

Will I Have To Go To Court For My Pedestrian Accident Case?

Not all pedestrian accident cases go to court. Many cases are settled through negotiations with insurance companies. However, if a fair settlement cannot be reached, your lawyer may advise taking your case to court to seek a favourable verdict.

What If I Was Partially At Fault For The Pedestrian Accident?

California follows a pure comparative negligence rule, which means your compensation may be reduced by the percentage of fault attributed to you. However, even if you were partially at fault, you may still be entitled to some compensation, so it’s essential to consult with a lawyer to understand your rights.

Can I Handle A Pedestrian Accident Claim On My Own Without A Lawyer?

While handling a pedestrian accident claim alone is possible, hiring a lawyer is generally advisable. We have the experience and legal knowledge to navigate the complexities of personal injury law, negotiate with insurance companies, and protect your rights effectively.

How Long Does It Take To Resolve A Pedestrian Accident Claim In Sacramento?

The duration of a pedestrian accident claim can vary depending on factors such as the case’s complexity, the severity of injuries, and whether it goes to court. Some cases may be resolved in months, while others may take longer, especially if litigation is involved.

What Should I Do Immediately After A Pedestrian Accident In Sacramento?

After a pedestrian accident, prioritize your safety and well-being first.

  • Seek medical attention for any injuries, if needed.
  • Contact the authorities to report the accident.
  • Gather information from the driver and any witnesses.
  • Take photos of the accident scene, injuries, and property damage.
  • Then, consult with a pedestrian accident lawyer.
How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

At Law Offices of JG Winter, our pedestrian accident lawyers at Sacramento work on a contingency fee basis. This means we only get paid if we secure a settlement or win your case in court. Our fees are typically a percentage of your compensation, so you won’t have to pay upfront fees out of pocket.

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