While most individuals experiencing domestic violence report head injuries, many aren’t aware of the severe harm the brain can sustain due to a blow to the head. A study done by the Brain Injury Association of America found that 67% of the surveyed survivors reported experiencing symptoms relating to a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) after experiencing a blow to the head. 

The research discusses how often survivors experience severe brain injuries without knowing the dangers of an untreated mild case of TBI. Romantic partners are not the only types of relationships where domestic violence occurs. Those who experience harm to the head during an act of domestic abuse should seek medical attention immediately. 

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

An injury due to a blow, jolt or bump to the head that may damage the brain is a traumatic brain injury. TBI-related injuries are severe and, if not treated properly, can cause permanent disabilities and sometimes fatalities. If you experience any of the below after enduring a blow to the head, you should seek assistance from a medical care professional:

  • Dizziness or balance
  • Attention or concentration issues
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Vision Impairment
  • Problems with short- or long-term memory 

When a traumatic brain injury occurs because of domestic violence, there is a likelihood of sustaining a TBI more than once. While domestic violence situations are dangerous, it’s crucial that anyone who experiences any of these symptoms go to a medical professional. 

Types of Brain Injuries in Domestic Violence Cases

Traumatic brain injuries severity and recovery depend on which type of TBI is sustained. When the brain is damaged due to the head being hit or jerked, bruising causes the brain to endure harm to the tissue and blood vessels. In order for a physician to provide proper care for your injury, diagnosing the type of brain injury that the person is experiencing is vital.

The types of TBI’s are listed below:

  • Concussions and Mild TBI: Most people who experience TBI’s sustain concussions or mind traumatic brain injuries. Those who experience this type will recover after some monitored rest, but they’re more susceptible to severe repercussions if exposed to another TBI. 
  • Moderate TBI: Those who endure moderate traumatic brain injuries can have memory loss, chronic pain, and sleep disruption. If not properly treated, the person could have permanent brain damage. 
  • Severe TBI: Thousands of people each year die because of TBI-related injuries. Some symptoms include cognitive impairment, dizziness or vertigo, and emotional disorders. 

In domestic violence situations, traumatic brain injuries occur more often than survivors might think. If you’re experiencing domestic abuse, contact local law enforcement, DV help organizations, and an experienced injunction attorney. 

How to Gather Evidence of TBI and Domestic Abuse?

For those in domestic violence situations, making a doctor’s appointment or seeing medical care could pose a serious threat. However, those who endure trauma to the brain once may be in danger of another and should prioritize proper medical treatment not only for the sake of their health but also for gathering unbiased, professional evidence. 

The following examples of gathering TBI-related evidence of domestic violence:

  • Medical documentation of injuries
  • Pictures of injuries and weapons used
  • Documented losses because of the injury
  • Medical tests showcasing the TBI
  • Witnesses (neighbors, doctors, others involved) 

Any physical evidence or witness accounts of the injury are important to gather for the sake of a just injunction claim. With the help of a California injunction lawyer, you’ll have legal guidance throughout the process. 

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