A traumatic brain injury can alter a person’s life forever. It’s a sad reality that insurance companies often go to great lengths to avoid paying victims fair compensation for the immense losses they suffer after a devastating accident causes an injury to the brain. If you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by another party’s negligence in California, you don’t have to go up against the insurance companies alone.

At the Law Offices of JG Winter, we handle catastrophic and brain injury claims on behalf of our clients in California by demanding full and just reimbursement for their injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered a TBI in California, please contact the Law Offices of JG Winter to learn how we can help your case.

How Can an Attorney Benefit My Brain Injury Case in California?

There are a number of significant ways an experienced Sacramento brain injury lawyer may be able to help if you or a loved one has suffered a TBI. Below are the top reasons why it is essential to seek advice from a brain injury attorney.

“Mild” Brain Injuries Can Have Lifelong Adverse Effects

When doctors assess the severity of your brain injury, it is categorized according to signs of life-threatening injuries. However, doctors frequently don’t consider the impact that a TBI may have on a victim’s daily functioning. Rather than examining the ringing in your ears or the scope of your personality changes, they are concentrated on assessing whether you require emergency surgery or other therapies.

The diagnostic scales used to classify brain injuries measure symptoms like losing consciousness or your capacity to respond to sounds. Doctors may also examine images from MRI and CT scans when grading a mild or traumatic brain injury. Generally, however, they look for bleeding, swelling, and other apparent damage. Unfortunately, brain injuries can cause severe damage that’s nearly invisible and often fails to show in diagnostics—damage that’s called microtrauma.

Because microtrauma may not appear on images, there may be confusion with the insurance company on defining the extent of your injuries. The skilled TBI lawyers at the Law Offices of JG Winter use sophisticated legal strategies to build the best possible cases for our clients and combat insurance company practices that try to delay or diminish their compensation.

An Experienced Attorney Can Acquire Expert Testimonies

At the Offices of JG Winter, we understand the impact that a medical expert can have on the outcome of a brain injury claim. We’ve helped clients who have experienced extreme complications in their daily lives after suffering a brain injury, despite their injuries being labeled as “mild” rather than “severe.” Often, insurance companies are willing to pay for physical injuries but decline to acknowledge brain trauma.

To demonstrate our clients’ losses, brain injury attorneys at the Offices of JG Winter consult with expert radiologists who use advanced imaging technologies. Through expert testimonies and detailed investigations, we’re able to secure full and fair compensation for our clients in California.

The Full Extent of Damages Caused by a TBI Are Often Challenging to Establish

How do you put a price on a relationship damaged by TBI symptoms or learning difficulties caused by a reduced attention span? When you retain an attorney to represent your case, they can access experts and other resources to calculate the full scope of your current and future losses to secure full and fair compensation.

A seasoned brain injury lawyer will estimate a broad spectrum of damages in a TBI lawsuit, including:

  • Lost wages and reduced future earning capacity
  • Past and future medical care
  • Occupational therapy and other rehabilitation services
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Punitive damages for grossly negligent conduct

Brain injury lawsuits are highly complex. An online calculator won’t assess the full value of a claim. Instead, contact an experienced TBI attorney to calculate the full value of your brain injury claim.

Insurance Companies Frequently Attempt to Exploit Unrepresented Brain Injury Victims

Seldomly do insurance companies offer a fair settlement to brain injury victims and their families unless an experienced injury attorney represents them. The goal of insurance companies is to make profits. They do this by scrutinizing every detail to deny or diminish your injury claim.

Accident victims or their families who try to negotiate with insurance companies without skilled legal advocacy rarely recover fair compensation. Even if you believe the adjuster with the insurance company wants to help—do not be fooled. Their goal is to settle and close your claim quickly while paying you the least amount possible. Before responding or signing a settlement offer, always consult with a seasoned brain injury lawyer.

Hire an Experienced California Brain Injury Lawyer to Maximize Your Claim

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury in California, contact the Law Offices of JG Winter for help. With years of proven legal experience, we hold negligent parties that cause your losses responsible so that you can focus on your recovery and live a happier, productive life.

To speak with a qualified brain injury lawyer about your case, schedule a free consultation by completing a contact form or call 844-734-2626.

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