Experiencing a concussion during childhood affects the child who endured injury and the parent who cares for the child. A traumatic event can lead to serious injury for a child and affects the individual’s development, function, and overall mental health. If you are a parent and your child has experienced a head injury, known as a concussion, it is important to understand what this means and what you can do for your child in this situation. At The Law Offices of JG Winter, our traumatic brain injury lawyer in Sacramento can help you file a claim against the responsible party for your child’s head injury. Continue reading to discover more about concussions and what your options are if your child is injured.

Understanding Childhood Concussions

Depending on the severity of an accident and the events that occurred, an injury to the head can have varying effects on the injured individual. Understanding what your child may be going through after a concussion and what the recovery looks like helps you get through the challenges that may come. If you suspect that your child has endured a head injury from an accident, seeking immediate medical attention helps prevent any worsening or unforeseen health effects.

What Causes Concussions

Children are often very curious and adventurous when they are younger. A concussion may occur whenever there is a sudden and violent jolt to the head. Different causes of concussions during childhood include:

  • Car accidents
  • Head injuries while playing in a park
  • Head injuries while playing sports
  • Bike riding falls causing an injury to the head
  • Being hit by an object on the head
  • Other head trauma and accidents

The CDC reported that 6.8% of children in 2020 had experienced a concussion or head injury symptoms in their lifetime. It is essential to know the signs and symptoms of a head injury and what an emergency looks like. Depending on the severity of head trauma and the extent of the injury endured, the symptoms may vary.

Signs and Symptoms to Be Aware Of

A head injury such as a concussion may look different for every child, although there are common symptoms that can present when the brain is injured. Concussions can be mild and temporary interruptions in brain function resulting from trauma. In severe cases, concussions can cause different symptoms and discomfort for a child, such as dizziness or losing consciousness temporarily. While many concussions are short-term and do not lead to severe long-term effects, there are dangers and risks to experiencing a head injury at a young age.

Signs and symptoms of concussions include:

  • Visible head trauma or injury
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Fatigue
  • Head pain
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty with memory and concentration
  • Other signs and symptoms

A head injury can lead to issues with brain development, cognition, and brain function for children. In addition, a study conducted on brain injuries found that childhood brain injuries such as concussions are linked to mental illness, low school achievements, and premature deaths. You should never neglect these situations, and children with head trauma should always be treated for their injuries.

How Concussions Are Treated

Initially after injury, a child’s level of consciousness will be assessed by medical professionals and brain imaging will be done to ensure that there is no internal bleeding or abnormalities that occurred. Rest is a major component of the recovery process in a childhood concussion. If the child was injured while playing a sport or engaging in other activities, a doctor may recommend that the child refrain from any physical activity or sports in order to lessen the risk of further injury.

In addition to any imaging and recommended rest, follow-up appointments should be made to reassess the child and ensure that they are recovering properly. Physical therapy and stretching exercises may also be necessary for more severe and significant brain injuries. Although typically resolved within a short period of time, a concussion is a serious injury and needs serious attention. Depending on the circumstances of a traumatic event, your child may have suffered a traumatic injury in addition to a concussion. With a skilled lawyer, you can evaluate your child’s case to determine how to best take legal action.

Are Concussions Considered a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury or TBI. Any trauma, accident, or event that causes a jolt or serious effect on the brain is considered a brain injury. You may have heard of serious accidents and events that led people to permanent results such as paralysis. Not every head injury case creates the same results for an individual, especially for a young child.

Concussions are often referred to as a ‘mild’ TBI, but they are not to be considered less serious than other types of head injuries. Even if your child experienced mild symptoms and discomfort, the effects of a concussion may affect their growth and future health. Concussions can be serious, and youth are more susceptible to experiencing a concussion.

What to Do After a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Accident

If your child has experienced a concussion as the result of another’s negligence, whether by way of a car accident, fall, act of violence, or sports injury, you should understand your rights and how to best help your child. At our law firm, our skilled team of professionals has helped many parents seek compensation for their child to recover well after a serious head injury, such as a concussion.

Without a thorough case evaluation and legal counsel, you may miss the opportunity to file a claim on time and take legal action against the responsible party. After a traumatic brain injury, seek a skilled attorney to help you file a claim and prepare for a lawsuit to reconcile the wrongdoing your child was subjected to.

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