There are many misconceptions and myths about TBIs and what recovery looks like for survivors. If you have sustained head trauma or a brain injury to any varying degree, it is essential to understand what may or may not lie ahead. When another party is to blame for the accident you endured, you have the right to pursue legal action and recover compensation. Our compassionate attorney Jeremy G. Winter is a trustworthy Sacramento brain injury attorney who knows the truth about what brain injury victims endure.

Knowing the Facts About TBIs and Brain Trauma

Suffering a brain injury is not like other types of injuries or accidents. Often, people can attribute some knowledge of brain injuries to having heard of sports accidents or slip and falls. However, brain injuries may occur for different reasons, and no two accidents are alike. While there are similarities in the signs and symptoms that many TBI survivors experience, it is essential to understand how traumatic brain injuries are also very different because of severity, a victim’s age, and which part of the brain is affected.

Brain injuries result from different circumstances, and our team works alongside our Sacramento brain injury lawyer to gather the proof, information, and resources needed to support your injury case. Regardless of the apparent severity of an accident, all TBIs are very serious.

Six Common Myths About Brain Injuries

Below are six common myths about brain injuries and the truth that debunks these misconceptions.

1. Only Athletes Suffer Serious Head Trauma

People can often remember a movie scene or news reporting of an athlete that suffered a head injury. Although sports-related TBIs are prevalent, they only account for ten percent of all adult TBIs in the United States every year. In children, twenty-one percent of TBIs can be attributed to sports and recreational activities.

2. Concussions Are Not Severe Brain Injuries

Although concussions are generally considered mild TBIs, this is far from the case in many injured individuals’ lives. Concussions are severe and can create cognitive impairment, head discomfort, and other symptoms. While many people may recover from a concussion within a few weeks, others experience lasting effects for many years, especially with repeated head trauma.

3. If You Don’t Lose Consciousness During an Accident, There Is No Serious Head Trauma

Another common misconception of traumatic brain injuries is that no trauma is endured if the person does not lose consciousness. This is not factual, as many patients endure head trauma without losing consciousness. To determine the presence and occurrence of trauma in the head, an immediate assessment with professional medical imaging will ensure a victim’s true state.

4. The Effects of a TBI Are Always Evident Right Away

TBIs can show signs and symptoms right away. However, many patients develop new symptoms or don’t experience the full extent of damage to the brain until they progress in their recovery. Depending on the degree of head trauma, whether there was a brain bleed, and the location of injury affects the signs and symptoms that appear.

5. Wearing a Helmet Protects You From the Occurrence of Brain Damage

Helmets are always recommended, whether riding a bicycle, a motorcycle, or playing a sport. However, not all situations involving a head injury happen because the person was not wearing a helmet. In fact, helmets often prevent structural damage to the brain rather than entirely preventing injury to the brain. Many athletes also risk injuring their head, neck, and spine during rigorous sports, even when wearing a helmet.

6. Recovery From TBI Concludes After a Year of Treatment

Since the injuries and severity of brain damage varies amongst brain injury survivors, the length of recovery time also varies. The recovery process can significantly change a person’s life from losing work days, income, needing several doctor’s visits, and other changes. Additionally, a doctor may recommend rehabilitation, cognitive training, medication, occupational therapy, medical imaging, and other recovery components for several years in severe cases.

A Knowledgeable Brain Injury Attorney Can Support Your Recovery and Sacramento Injury Claim

Finding an attorney that knows and understands what you may be going through can be challenging. At The Law Offices of JG Winter, our legal team helps you debunk many misunderstandings about brain injuries and injury cases in the public. We strive to help victims understand their legal rights and evaluate their options to pursue compensation owed to them after an accident.

You don’t have to face a court case independently nor avoid filing a claim when compensation is owed to you regarding another’s negligence. To schedule a free consultation, you may contact our Sacramento office by calling (844) 734-2626 or by filling out our contact form.

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