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If you or a loved one has suffered from a tire blowout accident in Sacramento, we can help you. Our Sacramento tire blowout accident lawyer can provide you with legal guidance. Your road to recovery starts with the support of the Law offices of J.G Winter. Contact us now for free case evaluation and consultation.


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What Are Tire Blowouts In Terms Of Car Accidents?

A car accident involving a tire blowout means that one or more tires unexpectedly fail while the vehicle is in motion. It’s when the air in the tire is quickly expelled and causes the tire suddenly go flat, making the car unstable and difficult to control. Tire blowouts can be very serious because they make it hard for drivers to steer, control, and stop the vehicle safely, often leading to devastating accidents. If it is moving quickly, it might even flip over. Additionally, other drivers on the road can be in danger since they may not know how to handle a car that has a blowout.

Tire blowouts result from various factors, including inadequate tire inflation, excess vehicle weight, improper tire maintenance, aging tires, hitting potholes or other road debris, and speeding, which heats the tires.

To avoid tire blowouts and the accidents they can cause, it is crucial to take good care of your tires by inspecting them frequently, maintaining the proper air pressure, and checking for damage. Additionally, driving safely is critical, particularly in California, where road conditions can be challenging.


How Are They Dangerous?

Tire blowouts are dangerous and can lead to sudden and unexpected vehicle movements making steering difficult. The rapid loss of air pressure causes the tire to go flat, makes the vehicle hard to stabilize, and can cause a risk of skidding due to reduced grip on the road.

Tire blowouts also increase the risk of the car tipping over, especially if it is at high speeds. It can make the vehicle swerve or slide unexpectedly, creating hazards for other drivers. When there’s a sudden loss of control, it can bring accidents involving other vehicles, causing chain-reaction collisions.

It affects the braking and blowouts at high speeds, amplifies the danger, and makes regaining control more challenging. Thus, uncontrolled vehicles can collide with barriers or other obstacles, causing additional accidents.


Sacramento Car Accident Statistics

Fatal car crashes and road traffic accidents are a leading cause of injury-related deaths for Californians every year and can result in severe injuries like spinal cord injuries, TBIs, and internal organ damage. Over the past five years, apart from the unusual events of 2020, there has been a rise in car accidents in Sacramento.

The latest statistical information regarding car accidents in Sacramento reveals that car collisions reached 3,842 in 2021, compared to the 2,931 incidents reported in 2020. In 2022, motor vehicle accidents had extremely severe consequences, making it one of the deadliest years in recorded history. The data provided by California Highway Patrol, including other sources, reported more than 3,900 fatal motor vehicle accidents and over 277,000 injuries from accidents in the same year.

It is crucial to follow road and traffic regulations to prevent such tragic outcomes. Also, to ensure regular maintenance of their vehicles and avoid driving under the influence of substances such as drugs or alcohol. The significant toll of fatalities and injuries from car accidents in 2022 should be a compelling catalyst for everyone to accord the highest priority to road safety initiatives.


California Motor Vehicle Code – Car Accident Laws

The California Motor Vehicle Code (CVC) provides laws that regulate driving, vehicle operation, registration, licenses, and more in the state. It aims to ensure safe and lawful road use.

California Law provides car accident law which includes various regulations and rules for road usage. It covers many topics, including responsibilities after accidents, riding animals on highways, yielding to emergency vehicles, obeying traffic control officers, basic speed laws, and more.

California mandates specific insurance requirements. Motorists in California must possess different types of insurance coverage. Those coverage caters to legal expenses and compensates accident victims.

Under California car accident regulations, a statute of limitations of two years is in effect to encourage timely legal action.


Car Tire Blowouts Causes

car tire blowout causes

Car Tire Blowouts can occur from various factors, which include:

Road Debris: Tire blowouts usually result from road debris, like potholes and obstacles. Which creates a puncture that can weaken tires over time as air seeps out around them. It gradually weakens the tire’s sides and can result in a blowout.

Over Loading: When you overload your car, it puts unnecessary stress on tires, and uneven tread from infrequent rotation can make one tire weaker and prone to blowouts. Additionally, neglecting tire rotations, causing uneven tread wear, increases the likelihood of blowouts.

Insufficient Air Pressure: If there is insufficient air pressure, it causes wear on the sides of tires, which are thinner than the tread. Weak spots from low air pressure thus can lead to blowouts.

Aging Tires: When you use old, worn-out tires or ignore the need for replacement of tires, it can potentially lead to the chances of blowouts. Regular tire inspections every 6,00 miles and addressing recalls are essential to prevent such incidents.


Car Tire Blowout Damages

Economic Damages: A tire blowout can result in accidents ranging from minor incidents where a tailgating car lightly hits your rear fender as you steer off the road to more severe cases. Vehicle damages, like damage to wheels, rims, suspension components, and bodywork, can be expensive to repair or replace.

Not only vehicle damage, such accidents can damage nearby property, like guardrails, buildings, and fences. It also carries the risk of vehicle and wheel damage, traction loss, rollover risk, additional vehicle damage, traffic disruptions, and injury risks for occupants. These injuries include TBIs, spinal cord injuries, serious cuts, head injuries, fractures, and even fatalities. Medical bills for such injuries may put more financial burden on you.

Non-Economic Damages: You may sustain non-economic damages like psychological distress, including anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a fear of driving from such accidents. The aftermath of a car tire blowout accident can be stressful and take your time away from work, resulting in a loss of income and financial strain.

What Should You Do If Tire Blowout Caused Your Car Accident?

If you’re involved in a car accident caused by a tire blowout, consider the following steps:

  • By gripping the steering wheel firmly, refrain from making sudden motions and work on keeping the car moving in a straight line and ensure that you have control over the vehicle.
  • Allow the car to slow down naturally without applying the brakes abruptly. Also, signal your intentions using your turn signals while moving a vehicle to a safe place. If needed, call for emergency help to aid with changing a tire or arranging for a tow.
  • When you pull over safely, assess the tire’s condition. If you are unsure about changing the tire if the situation isn’t safe, wait for professional help.
  • Provide factual information to required authorities. Police reports are crucial evidence providing grounds for a claim or lawsuit to reinforce reliability.
  • You can claim compensation if you are involved in a tire blowout accident due to others’ negligence, like defective parts. You can seek legal guidance to ensure your rights are protected.

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