Sacramento, CA (April 19, 2024) – According to reports from the Sacramento Police Department, a driver hit a 17-year-old pedestrian on Friday morning at the intersection of Havenside Drive and Northlite Circle, located in the Greenhaven neighborhood of Sacramento.

At approximately 8:10 a.m., police were called to the site, as reported by dispatcher radio communications. The cause of the collision remained unknown, though officers say that speed did not appear to be a factor in the crash. The victim was rushed to an area hospital, but their current condition is unclear. SPD officers continued to investigate the collision in the interim and asked any witnesses to step forward.

Our thoughts are with the injured victim and their family members. We hope for their complete recovery.

Pedestrian Accidents in Sacramento

In California, drivers often come across pedestrians crossing highways, city streets, and beyond. Considering the state’s year-round moderate climate and walkability in major urban areas, foot traffic is quite common. However, even though most drivers recognize the importance of sharing the road and yielding to pedestrians, accidents involving these individuals happen far too often.

Without car safety equipment like airbags and the general protection of a vehicle’s frame, pedestrians are significantly more vulnerable to serious and even deadly injuries. Unfortunately, in recent years, California has entered the top ten states in the country for pedestrian deaths and injuries. Nearly 1,000 pedestrian deaths have been reported in only the last five years. Furthermore, as per the last census, the Sacramento metropolitan region is also ranked in the top ten cities for the poorest pedestrian safety and protection.

Considering how often these accidents occur in the Golden State, it’s essential for pedestrians to exercise great caution. However, if you’ve been involved in one of these collisions or have lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident, contacting a skilled attorney is essential. Whether you have been injured in an accident or lost a loved one, attorney Jeremy Winter is an experienced practitioner in personal injury cases, familiar with the complex nuances of pedestrian collisions. While you focus on getting your life back on track or mourning your loved one, he will take care of the day-to-day tasks involved in managing your claim. Contact the Law Offices of J.G. Winter to schedule a free consultation with our Sacramento pedestrian accident lawyers at 844-705-0431 right away.

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Disclaimer: The image featured in this post does not depict the incident mentioned. The purpose of this post is not to attract business, and it should not be interpreted as offering medical or legal counsel. In the event of an accident resulting in injury to yourself or a loved one, it’s crucial to obtain medical care without delay, followed by a consultation with an attorney to understand your legal options.

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