Safety often takes a back seat in the excitement and the adventure of cycling. Such incidents can leave you shattered and confused. Indeed your focus shifts to your well-being after any accident. So, recognizing the necessary steps to take after a bicycle accident is not just significant but vital. Thus, understanding what should you do after a bicycle accident is crucial.


Steps to follow after a bicycle crash

Bicycle accidents are often dangerous. And if you’re the victim of a road accident as a bicyclist, your actions at the scene are crucial. You may be dealing with different emotions, but your actions can impact your personal injury claim. Here are some of the steps to follow after a bike accident:


Ensure safety and stay at the scene

Ensure your safety; if there’s anyone else, look for their safety. If you’re able to move, get off the road. Or you might be severely hurt, breathe deeply, get off the road, sit down, and save yourself from further hazards. But remember, you stay at the scene until someone aids you. It preserves your evidence.


Seek medical help

Your priority after a bike crash must be safety. It is crucial to seek medical attention for any injuries you sustain from an accident. Even if the injuries are seemingly minor and you are feeling fine, it is advisable to seek professional help because you may have sustained internal injuries.


Call 911

If the injuries are severe and you need emergency attention, call 911 and wait for help. You have to provide the information that the dispatcher asks for. They will need your details, including name, situation, and exact location, to send help. You have to stay online until the dispatcher instructs you to hang up. If your situation is serious, you might have to remain on call until the rescue team arrives.


Report the accident

Whether you are injured or not, report an accident to the relevant authorities. While reporting, you have to give a clear statement regarding an accident, such as how it happened, who hurt you, your injuries, and more. While you are telling them your situation, do not provide false information. Reporting an accident is crucial as it can be strong evidence in your case. Remember to request a copy of your report.


Gather evidence

Evidence is crucial to make your case strong. Take pictures or videos of the injuries, damage to your bicycle, any other vehicles involved, and the accident scene as much as possible. Additionally, if there are any witnesses, get their information and record their statements.


Exchange details

Exchange the details with the other parties involved in the collision. If there are any witnesses, collect their details without forcing them. The details may include location, personal information, insurance, plate numbers, etc.


Do not negotiate

Never negotiate with the parties involved in an accident, and avoid roadside discussions. It is advisable not to admit fault or make any settlement right after an accident. The other party at fault might use your word against you, or they can make you settle for less. A personal injury lawyer can negotiate on your behalf. The relevant authorities will also determine the responsibilities based on the evidence you present.


Contact a personal injury lawyer

In the aftermath of a bike accident, your emotions can run high, and your decisions at the scene can impact your personal injury claim. And it is normal to ask yourself, “Do I need a Lawyer?” in such a situation. Well, the answer is yes. Choosing the right lawyer for your bicycle accident always comes first.  A personal injury lawyer handling a bicycle accident can positively impact your case. They can deal with insurance companies on your behalf and prevent you from settling for less. Let’s learn more about Sacramento’s bicycle accident laws and why you need a bicycle accident lawyer below.


Why do you need a bicycle accident lawyer? J.G Winter Law

Contact JG Winter Law: your personal injury lawyer in California

Bicycle accidents are often complex and difficult to navigate, especially when an accident involves other motorists. A bicycle accident lawyer can help you in this challenging time. Some of the reasons behind why you should hire a bicycle accident lawyer are:

Bicycle accident lawyers are experts in handling such cases and deeply understand bicycle laws. With their expertise, you can avoid legal pitfalls and win your case.

They will be on your side from the beginning, assessing your case and providing legal guidance. They can build a strong case and negotiate on your behalf with relevant insurance companies, ensuring you receive the rightful settlement.

They have the knowledge, expertise, and techniques to navigate the complexities of any case. They can build the ideal legal strategy per your needs and protect your legal rights.

With the help of an expert legal professional, you can recover without the stress of trying to build your case with the least knowledge of the system.

If you are dealing with the devastating aftermath of a bicycle accident, we are here for you. Sacramento bicycle accident lawyers at the JG Winter Law firm are experts who can fight tirelessly to get the maximum compensation for your case. We listen, and when you are ready, we can be your voice to achieve the justice you deserve. Contact us to win your case and restore your life.


Bicycle accidents FAQs


What is the Statute of limitations for filing a bicycle accident lawsuit in California?

California law provides a Statute of limitations of two years in bicycle accident cases. However, there are some exceptions to the given time frame. Those exceptions may extend or shorten the date for initiating a lawsuit.


How much does hiring a lawyer for bicycle accident claims cost?

Hiring a lawyer for a bicycle accident claim usually is 33-34% of the settlement they win for you. Depending on the case, a lawyer’s cost could be higher than this. Before hiring a lawyer, you should know how much their services will cost.

We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay us once you win for you. Contact us for free case evaluation and more information.


Can I recover damages if I was hit by a car?

You can recover damages if you collide with a car while riding a bicycle. You can claim compensation for economic and non-economic damages such as property damage, injuries, pain and suffering, etc.


How much is my bicycle accident claim worth?

The worth of your bicycle accident claim is determined based on the damages you sustained. The damages may include financial losses or emotional distress.

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