Unfortunately, catastrophic events leave many people with permanent and severe conditions following traumatic brain or spinal cord damage. Recovering and getting accustomed to your new life if you live with paralysis after a severe accident can lead to many hardships and changes in your daily life. Various doctors visits, lost wages, career changes or job loss, accumulating medical bills, and struggling with mental health issues are common injuries and challenges that a victim of a catastrophic event may face.

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury and plan on filing a lawsuit to recover the compensation owed to you rightfully, there are a few items you should consider saving to help your case. At The Law Offices of JG Winter, our skilled attorney understands the extent of what you are experiencing and is available to help you pursue the compensation that will help you in your recovery process.

Items You Should Save after Being Injured in a Catastrophic Event

If you have been involved in an accident or catastrophic event that has led to a disability and permanent injury, keeping vital information may strengthen your case and claim. Here are five items you should consider saving and adding to your legal case to improve your chances of receiving damages.

1. Images and Video Recording

Catastrophic events may happen quickly and leave you no time or ability to react. If family members, eyewitnesses, or surveillance cameras capture the accident happening in any form, this can be beneficial proof for your case.

2. Insurance Information

Any individuals involved in an accident or responsible for an accident should provide insurance information and their identification. Homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, and other types of coverage that may be relevant to your case are essential to retrieve.

3. Eyewitness Statements

Just as any surveillance, video, or images would serve as evidence in your case, eyewitnesses play an essential role as well. Any eyewitnesses may make a statement to add to a police report and help your case prove what happened during your accident.

4. Medical Bills and Receipts

As you recover from the accident, medical bills will start accumulating. You should collect and keep a copy of any costs regarding accident-related injuries to keep a log and record the total cost of damages and medical bills.

5. Record of Lost Wages

As you log your medical bills, receipts, and totality of expenses, you should also gather documentation related to time off work. Lost wages may be recovered in your compensation, and you do not want to miss out on the total amount owed to you.

How a Skilled Lawyer Can Strengthen Your Catastrophic Injury Case in California

Common causes of spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries include slip and falls, motor vehicle crashes, acts of violence, and sports injuries. A specialized attorney that understands personal injury, wrongful death, and the law within the scope of your case can help you strengthen your claim and support your case throughout the lawsuit and compensation recovery process.

Without a skilled legal team alongside you, you may miss out on the full compensation and case building that may help you resolve your claim smoothly.

If someone is responsible for negligent acts and wrongdoing that caused your injuries, a lawyer can help you collect the information and items needed. As an injured individual, you have the right to file a claim against the responsible parties, especially if the accident caused catastrophic and permanent injuries to you. Your well-being and recovery can proceed smoothly after an accident if your legal team is there to support you and take care of the necessary legal actions.

Call the Law Offices of JG Winter for a Successful Sacramento Attorney to Help Recover Your Compensation

Attorney Jeremy G. Winter understands your losses and what you are going through after a catastrophic event or if you have lost a loved one. By seeking professional legal advice and support for your claim, you may recover total compensation for the totality of your losses. Contact our legal team by filling out a contact form or calling (844) 734-2626 to schedule a free consultation at our Sacramento office.

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