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During the last half-decade, there has been an uptick in the occurrence of hit-and-run accidents in Sacramento. Between 2018 to 2022, over 140 people died due to hit-and-run. This death toll is the highest in the Central Valley or Northern California. 86 of these victims were pedestrians; the rest were car passengers, bicyclists, or motorcycle riders.





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Families of the victims deal with the aftermath of the accident. Not only do they go through the trauma and grief, they also have to shoulder other challenges that come with it. This includes dealing with insurance companies, law enforcement, and medical bills alone can leave you feeling overwhelmed and underserved. You’re facing physical pain, emotional distress, and financial burdens, yet the justice you deserve seems out of reach.

Whether you are involved as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, contacting an auto accident lawyer will be helpful to your case.

Auto Accident lawyers at J.G. Winter Law have extensive experience in handling hit and run accidents. We work tirelessly to protect your rights, negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, and, most importantly, pursue the justice you deserve. You don’t have to face this daunting journey alone. J.G. Winter Law are here to help you in every step of the way.

What Is Hit and Run Accident?

A hit-and-run accident is an act of causing a traffic accident and not stopping afterwards. It is considered as a criminal act and the hit-and-run driver may also be held liable for a supplemental crime in most jurisdictions. The hit-and-run accident could be anywhere and not just on a busy street or densely populated areas.

For example, it is considered a hit-and-run if someone hits your car while parking and drives away without leaving their contact details. Hit and run accidents are not only for car or auto accidents too. For instance, if someone crashed into your garden’s retaining wall and drove away without contact information, it is also a hit and run case.

So, a hit and run accident is where there is no exchange of contact information between two affected parties. It can also happen if the person who hit or ran over the victim took off and doesn’t take accountability for the accident.

What Are The Most Common Hit and Run Accident Injuries?

Depending on the severity of the crash, there are many different injuries the victims may suffer. The most common hit-and-run accident injuries are:

  • Brain trauma
  • Loss of limbs (in extreme cases)
  • Burns
  • Neck damage (including whiplash)
  • Internal bleeding
  • Broken bones

The car accident lawyer will take care of your legal rights while you take a rest from the injuries.

What To Do After A Hit and Run Accident In Sacramento?

Things to do after a hit-and-run accident in Sacramento:

Check for injuries: Call immediately for medical help if you or anyone else is involved in a hit-and-run accident. You can try to move safely away from the densely populated traffic of Sacramento to avoid any further injuries.

Gather information: Gather as much information as possible about the running car and the driver. Try to get witnesses’ contact information to claim or help you later.

Call the police: Call the police after properly gathering information and taking medical help. Contacting the police will help find the runner.

Talk to a lawyer about the incident: Get help from a professional car accident lawyer in Sacramento to help you go through the insurance claims and the police reports. A lawyer will fight for you to get the justice that you deserve. They’ll also help you with the insurance companies to get the maximum compensation.

You can talk about the following 3 things to the auto accident lawyer:

  • The other driver did not leave any traces.
  • You were caught, but the cause of the accident was the other driver
  • You do not know about your rights and how to move forward legally

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California Vehicle Code: Misdemeanor Hit And Run

After a car accident, the individual involved should halt immediately and exchange details or leave them where another party can find the details.

Neglecting this legal responsibility after an accident that results in property damage, often referred to as a misdemeanor hit and run, is considered a criminal act under Section 20002 VC of the California Vehicle Code.

To declare a defendant guilty of their crime, the prosecutor must declare the following points:

  • The defendant was driving the auto as part of an accident.
  • The accident resulted in damage to another person’s property.
  • The defendant was aware that they were part of an accident that led to property damage, or they knew from the circumstances of the accident that property was likely damaged.
  • The defendant intentionally neglected to do one or more of the following:
    • Halt immediately at the scene of the accident.
    • Immediately provide the owner or person in charge of the damaged property with the driver’s or vehicle owner’s name and current address if another person owns it.

The driver can provide the necessary information in two ways:

  • The driver can find the owner or person in charge of the damaged property and give them the information directly. Upon request, the driver must also present their driver’s license and vehicle registration.
  • Alternatively, the driver can leave the required information in a written note in a visible place on the vehicle or other damaged property. Following this, the driver must, without unnecessary delay, inform the appropriate authorities about the accident.

No matter the cause of the hit and run accident, the driver of a vehicle must fulfill these duties. It is irrelevant whether someone else caused the accident or if the accident was inevitable.

For legal assistance, you should contact an auto accident lawyer who’ll explain your rights efficiently to you.

California Hit and Run Statute of Limitations

In California, the car accident statute of limitations is 2 years from the date of the accident. The time limit for filing a lawsuit to recover monetary compensation is set forth in the California Code of Civil Procedure Section 340. Injured adults are barred from filing lawsuits once the two-year time limit has passed. For minors, the time limit is extended until they reach the age of majority, 18 years old.

You should take help from an attorney after the car accident. They’ll help you get the compensation.

How Can I get compensation if the driver isn’t caught in a hit and run?

You might be eligible to recover through your insurance if the legal authorities cannot find the one who struck you or your property. Your own uninsured/underinsured (UM.UIM) motorist insurance will be helpful in getting the compensation.

Contact a lawyer who’ll help you process your claims with your insurance company. They’ll contact the insurance company and will let you know more about your rights and the compensation that you should receive.

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Legal matters can be complex, lengthy, and tiresome. It would be best to have an experienced lawyer to guide you, help you understand your rights, and fight hard to win. Get a free consultation with Jeremy Winter, an experienced Sacramento car accident lawyer with expertise in hit and run accident cases.

Take the first step towards justice by contacting J.G. Winter Law today. Our compassionate and dedicated team is here to escort you through the legal process and provide the representation you need during this challenging time.

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If you or your loved one have been involved in a car accident in Sacramento, California, we know you are going through a tough time. Hiring the right car accident lawyer can make a significant difference when dealing with such a difficult time. You will spend hours and hours at your local Sacramento Courthouse trying to figure out what to do on your own. If you don’t hire a lawyer, you might waste countless hours and likely receive less settlement than you could have gotten with professional help. That’s why hiring the right lawyer can help to resolve your case and settle it faster. Most importantly, you’re more likely to receive a larger settlement.

At J.G. Winter Law, we’re here to help, and it won’t cost you anything to consult with us. If you have any questions or want to know how much you might be owed, contact us for a free consultation. In California, you have up to 2 years to file a claim and sue for compensation. If you decide to go to the court by yourself, you can find Sacramento County Courthouse at 720 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. But, if you want professional help, our car accident lawyer in Sacramento would gladly assist you.

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